Power of Pinning Review

21 May

Power of Pinning Review

Power of Pinning ReviewPinterest has quickly become an addictive social networking site with millions of users Pinning and rePinning thousands of photos each day. Savvy business owners have learned how to harness the Power of Pinning to increase their leads and sales.

One of the most successful Pinners, Melanie Duncan,  has shared her knowledge of Pinterest in an online course called Power of Pinning. You might be wondering, is this course worth the $97 investment? Here is my Power of Pinning review so you can decide for yourself whether to invest in the course.

I  tried the Power of Pinning course when it was first released as part of my Entrepreneuress Academy membership which was right when Pinterest was first gaining popularity. I used Pinterest to promote my online home decor store and I was struggling to get traffic and sales from this hot, new social networking site.

That’s when I tried the Power of Pinning. The first module of the course goes over Pinterest 101 and the basics of setting up a profile. Although it seems simple, this one module skyrocketed my Pinterest success. After completing my Pinterest profile the way Melanie suggests in the course, I saw an immediate increase in the number of followers and people visiting my website from Pinterest.

The next few modules review how to get more followers and how to create attractive Pins that get rePinned and lead traffic back to your site. This information was INVALUABLE to my site! I gained hundreds of followers in a few weeks and my Pins were getting rePinned and sending MASSIVE traffic back to my website. I had over 100 views on my site in just 1 day from 1 Pin! That kind of traffic was unheard of for my little ecommerce store.

I was even featured on the sales page of the Power of Pinning because of my success with the course.

Power of Pinning Review

What’s even better is my Pinterest boards are STILL getting rePinned and I haven’t even been on my Pinterest page in months! The Power of Pinning can definitely teach you how to use Pinterest to get traffic and sales to your ecommerce business or for your service based business.

If you are on the fence about investing in the Power of Pinning, I hope my review of the Power of Pinning has helped you make a solid decision to invest in the course. If you invest and you decide it has not helped you increase your traffic and sales from Pinterest, there is always a 60 day money back guarantee, so you have nothing to lose by trying the Power of Pinning!

Access your comprehensive training materials to start using Pinterest for your business here —> Power of Pinning


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