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My wish for you

8 Nov


I hope your day is filled with glorious adventures! I’ll be scuba diving all day, so I hope I don’t get eaten by a shark. Have a beautiful evening and wake up tomorrow and be awesome!

~ Staci


Kangaroo Farm

23 Jul

This weekend, Swim and I went to the Outback Kangaroo Farm in Arlington, WA. We had a great time petting Kangaroos, Wallaroos, and Alpacas. You’d be surprised at how soft Kangaroos really are…and friendly! We even got to hold a baby Kangaroo!! So adorable 🙂

I hope you enjoy our photos from our adventure.

The Alpaca tried to eat my hair

Overlooking the Kangaroo pen


Mamma and her chicks

The best part…holding a baby Kangaroo!

Happy National Lollipop Day!

21 Jul

There’s clearly a holiday for everything…even lollipops get their own special day. Well, bust out the Blow Pop and take a peak at these adorable, fun and sexy photos full of lollipop goodness.

Adorable kitten licking a lollipop. (Photo Credit:


That squirrel has a tasty snack! (Photo credit:


Adorable kitten #2 because you can’t have too many cute kittens. (Photo credit:


Even Barbie wants in on the lollipop action today! (Photo credit:

This just goes to show that lollipops really are the sh*t 🙂

And finally, a little lady porn to start your weekend off right…

He’s thinking about you while licking that delicious lollipop. Enjoy your weekend!



iPhone and Instagram

16 Jul

Staring at a blank blog post is as stressful as staring at  a blank final paper was in college. There’s so much pressure to be clever or thoughtful, but honestly I just don’t have anything to say today. So, instead of writing something stupid, I’m going to share a few pics.

Recently I traded my Blackberry for an iPhone (yes, I’m a few months behind…don’t judge.) and I felt obligated to start using Instagram. I refuse to take stupid pictures of food that I’m eating because I think that’s tacky. Instead, I’ve been sharing pictures of you’re truly and my handsome man, Mr. Karim. These are my latest pictures.

The first is of me and Mr. Karim at Pike Place Market. While walking around downtown, we realized that after 2 years of living in Seattle, we didn’t have any pictures of us in front of this famous sign…so we took one.

The other picture is of me and my new coral jeans I bought. One of my favorite stores is Ross because you can find some fabulous gems at ridiculously cheap prices. These fab coral jeans were only…$13! What a steal. I also purchased a great pair of pretty blue jeans that I get compliments on every time I wear them. If you’re in the market for colored jeans, I definitely recommend checking out Ross.

Alrighty, that’s enough for today. Stay tuned for Shitty Seattle Drivers, Just Because It Zips Don’t Mean It Fits, Living on $4/day, and Southern Rappers I Love.


Swim and Staci tourists

Being tourists in downtown Seattle before we leave.


Coral jeans

I finally bought a pair of colored jeans. I hope they stay in style for a few more months at least.