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Le Tote Review

25 Jan

Last week I received an invitation to join Le Tote, a clothing rental service kind of like Netflix. Basically, you get a box (tote) filled with 3 clothing items and 2 pieces of jewelry that you can wear as much as you want. When you’re done with the clothes they sent you, you pack it all into a pre-paid envelope and send it back to Le Tote…you don’t even have to wash the clothes! Then Le Tote sends you another tote.

I thought this service was perfect for me because I travel…a lot and I don’t actually have a place to call home for more than a few months at a time. I don’t really want to drag a bunch of clothes from place to place or spend hundreds of dollars on a storage unit just to house my clothes, so I really don’t own that many outfits.

With Le Tote, I figured I could keep the basics, like a nice pair of jeans, a couple dresses and a few tops and then supplement my wardrobe with new clothes every week.

I get really tired of my clothes about every month or two, so I also liked that Le Tote would keep my wardrobe fresh and fun with the latest fashions for about what it would cost to buy new clothes every month or so.

Oh, and while I’m out of the country for 2 or 3 months I can put my membership on hold and restart it once I come back. Yay! New clothes waiting for me when I get home 🙂

After waiting a little over a week after I registered for the service, I got my first tote in the mail today! I was kinda nervous that the clothes wouldn’t fit because most clothes are made for uber skinny girls, and that’s definitely NOT me. But to my surprise, every one of the outfits fit.

I wanted to share with you the outfits I got along with my review of Le Tote so you can decide if it’s right for you or not.

So here’s what was in my very first tote from Le Tote:

My stylist included a hand written note along with a tote bag. I thought that was a sweet touch!

The first clothing item was a sheer, puff polka dot shirt. The brand was Le Tote’s own clothing line. My fiancé really liked this shirt and even commented that of we had the option to buy it, we would. I paired it with the long gold necklace that was included in the tote. I think this outfit is super cute for every day. What do you think?

Le Tote item 2

The second item in my tote bag was my favorite, a mustard yellow blouse with a gold neckline accent. This is a color I like, but I’ve always been afraid to try, so it’s perfect that it showed up in my tote bag! I actually really liked how the shirt fit and I like how the color looked on me. It was adorable with dark wash jeans and a pair of floral flats. If I could buy this shirt…I would.

Sweater dress from le tote

The final clothing item in my tote was a red and grey sweater dress. Although it looked cute when I pulled it out of the bag, when I tried it on it was definitely not flattering…at all. The arm holes were too big and it gave me the shape of a tube when I am clearly an hourglass. On the right body type I think this could be a great dress, but not on me.

le tote braceletThe final item in my tote bag was a gold and bronze spike accented bracelet. It was stretchy so it fit perfectly and it went well with the mustard yellow top. It wasn’t my absolute favorite piece of jewelry, but I did like it and I’m glad I got to wear it for a few days.

Want to try it out? Sign up for your Le Tote and use code Trendsetter10 for instant access!